The cities… They bend people and shape their path, imposing a certain pattern as the only way of survival. When was it exactly that my antagonistic relationship with the cities started, I am not sure. But the Hip-Hop and the street art were the first channels to give me voice among the suffocating noise, while I created my own unique motifs inside the inescapable larger pattern. As I got older, my exploration grew deeper and exapanded to various mediums. To what end, I can’t say, but it is not an end that I am seeking, that I am sure of.

Recent Exhibitions
Jun. 2015 | “Currents New Media Festival”, Santa Fe, US
Dec. 2014 | “Fiva Video Art Festival”, Buenos Aires, Ar
Oct. 2014 | “Faces & Traces”, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, Chn
Sep. 2014 | “Brave New World”, Institut Für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE
Sep. 2014 | Iranian Film Festival, San Francisco, US
Jun. 2014 | “Burnt Generation” Exhibition, Somerset House, London, UK
Apr. 2014 | “Iran-Uk Sonics”, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK