The city… It bends people and shapes their path, imposing a certain pattern as the only way of survival. When was it exactly that my antagonistic relationship with the city started, I am not sure. But Hip-Hop and street art were the first channels to give me voice among the suffocating noise, while I created my own unique motifs inside the inescapable larger pattern. As of now, music and art serve as mediums to rediscover my relation to myself, other humans and nature, all in the context of the city.

There is a certain order about rapping on urban beats in Farsi, chanting in an unknown language on mystic soundscapes and putting together moving images to accompany it all. What unites them is my endeavor to survive the concrete laws of the city while trying to find my way back to a world of epic fantasy that was as real to me as the 90s’ war-torn cities of Iran: Where heroes and heroines fought for good or evil wielding swords and casting magic, where dragons and phoenixes flied and the trees walked and the stones talked.

2014 | MA in Audio/Visual Arts, Tohoku University of Arts and Design, Yamagata, JP
2006 | BA in Textile, Fashion and Interior Design, Azzahra University, Tehran, IR

Recent Exhibitions
Jun. 2015 | “Current New Media Festival”, Santa Fe, US
Dec. 2014 | “Fiva Video Art Festival”, Buenos Aires, Ar
Oct. 2014 | “Faces & Traces”, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, Chn
Sep. 2014 | “Brave New World”, Institut Für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE
Sep. 2014 | Iranian Film Festival, San Francisco, US
Jun. 2014 | “Burnt Generation” Exhibition, Somerset House, London, UK
Apr. 2014 | “Iran-Uk Sonics”, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK