“Seven Climes” (Original: هفت اقلیم) is an open-call based, collaborative music project I started during Covid-19 lockdowns, aiming to present the cultural and lingual diversity of the Iranian Hiphop scene, amplifying the voices of the marginalized groups, and showcasing the power of hiphop as a tool for preserving languages and oral history.

Purchase the album(s) on Bandcamp – the second one coming in 2023 – to support the project please.  

“Teasturbed” is a multidimensional project aiming to create communal support for new moms struggling with postpartum anxiety, based on my own two times experience of the ailment. The project is supported by the patrons who purchase the Teasturbed blends, keeping the sessions accessible and free for all. 

You can get 15% off the Teasturbed Blends by writing “beyond” in the coupon box during the check out.



“HipHop without Borders” is a youth workshop that I designed based on my own experience as a new immigrant in the United States, aiming to empower ESL students by exploring themes of identity, home and languages fearlessly through the power of hiphop music.

Email info at jackstraw dot org to bring “Hiphop without Borders” to your school in Greater Seattle Area.