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Portrait: Salome MC

365 Female MCs, February 2021

Salome a Rockland Residency 2020

Rockland Residency, October 2020

Song of the Week : “Odium”

KEXP Radio, March 2020

Nafada Album (featuring Salome MC) Review

Onyx Music Review, March 2020

Salome’s “Riddle” at Local Sightings Film Festival

North West Film Forum, September 2019

Andreas Robbins Scholarship : Salome Mc 

Underground Producers Alliance, October 2018

Salome MC’s Music Mix “Fountain” on Six Pillars  

Six Pillars Broadcast, June 2018

Artist Trust Fellowship Award : Salome Mc 

Artist Trust Organization, May 2018

Symposium explores impact of popular music on Iranian society 

Yale University, Jan 2018

Whose liberation? Iranian popular music and the fetishization of resistance 

The International Journal of Media and Culture, Jul 2017

Salome at Seismograph Sounds Exhibition

Norient, Network for Local and Global Sounds, Jan 2017

Featherless Dinosaurs and the Hip-Hop Simulacrum

by Adam J. Kruse, Music Educators’ Journal, Jun 2016

Music Freedom Day Festival 

Freemuse, April 2016

Island Fever: Darker Than You’d Think

by Jackie Perreira, Network for Local and Global Sounds, Mar 2016

Salome Mc, A Quiet Storm

by Jackie Perreira, Network for Local and Global Sounds, Mar 2016

1+1 Worldwide Recording Project 

Norient, Network for Local and Global Sounds, Mar 2016

15 Rappers Who Kill It In Other Languages 

MTV, Sep 2015

Iranian rappers speak about hip-hop and its future in Iran 

PRI, Aug 2015

Salome’s “Three Rituals of Perdurance” at Currents Media Festival

Currents News Media Festival, May 2015

From Zombies to Revolutionaries

Freemuse, May 2015

Swatch Art Peace Hotel Virtual Museum : Salome MC

Swatch Art Peace Hotel, August 2014 

Inside Iran’s ‘revolutionary’ Rap

Al-Jazeera, Sep 2014

Forget Eminem: World Rappers You Should Meet

Time Magazine, Jul 2014

Iran’s thriving rap culture 

by Holly Dagres, Al-Monitor, Jan 2014

Dangers of Iranian Hip-Hop 

The Generation, Feb 2014

Salome’s “Aquaphobia” at Istanbul Triennale

Istanbul Triennale, May 2013

Sister Act From Iran Promotes Pop Music in Era of Repression 

New York Times, Feb 2012

The State of Iran’s Movement for Democracy on Its Third Anniversary 

Huffington Post, Jun 2012